Chris Kinchen

This little thing changed my opinion for good on what I “need” to get great tone. Drue Williams and Brad Johnson from Boom Bass Cabinets really deliver on his product. The fit, finish, and most importantly, sound you get is befitting of the “handmade” moniker. If you haven’t had a …

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Double Bass Players

It’s official now. The BBC “Tank” 1012 not only works with an electric bass, but has been proven to work well with a Double Bass. This is a pic from the New Hampshire Bass Fest with the one and only Eddie Gomez using a white 1012 Tank. Here is a …

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Derrick Brown

Hey Drue, this is Derrick Brown the guy with the Lakland bass who purchased your 1215 cab. It was a pleasure meeting you Monday at Chucks( and man you got some sick chops!). I really appreciate your accommodating me and rushing the cabs to the store and man I must …

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Skip Taylor

Lots of low end, mids and highs. I was afraid it would be muddy, but this cab is punchy even in the low end. Rock hard low “B” – I only got my Genz 9.0 to 12 o’clock when I got a noise complaint 🙂 guess I should have tested …

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Reggie Haymon

Just purchased one, I love it …..I play acoustic & bass guitar.  Now I don’t have to use two different amplifiers– I can use this Amp for acoustic and bass guitar, plus a microphone. My man Drue Williams did an excellent job.