Derrick Brown

Hey Drue, this is Derrick Brown the guy with the Lakland bass who purchased your 1215 cab. It was a pleasure meeting you Monday at Chucks( and man you got some sick chops!). I really appreciate your accommodating me and rushing the cabs to the store and man I must say I was and still am totally blown away by not just this cab but all of your cabs. They are by far in my opinion the best thing on the market. The tone, power and light weight all in a small package is a beast. It’s everything a bass player could ever ask for. I have several big events coming up starting this Saturday with a huge wedding at the United States Naval Academy and I’m sure this cab is going to blow minds of many people and I’ll definitely shoot them your way. I’ll definitely keep you posted and again thank you for producing the best cabs a bass player could ever ask for. Oh yeah I just ordered a cover from tuki covers so that should be arriving sometime next week. I’m definitely going to grab that 1012 real soon.

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